Painters paint, writers write, and innovators innovate. Rather than just think, masters think and do. That’s who we are. It’s in our DNA. And i doing, great innovators settle down into a sequence of regularly-followed actions and habits becuase they know doing so helps them to improve and maintain their proficiency at innovating.

All innovators start their journey from a begining. At the start, some lack bearing and aren’t aware of their position relative to their surroundings. Others lack direction and don’t know if they are heading in the right direction. Some are alone and lack a reliable guide to indicate the way.

Great innovators, being far along their journey, can help show us the way. They have discovered fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for their beliefs, behaviors, and they way they reason about innovation. In my experience, these truths tend to converge. Their torches can illuminate the path and inspire us to continue working toward our valued goals. Their practices and can serve as signposts that those of us earlier in our journey can follow. Their stories can help us to avoid wasting a great deal of time and effort by avoiding the avoidable mistakes and rediscover what once we once knew (or have ignored.)

This quote quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson inspired me, writen in his essay Social Aims in 1875:

Don’t say things. What you are stands over you the while, and thunders so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary.